Why is my dc universe key invalid

i just bought the dcu pc game today from walmart after it downloaded i tried to enter the key but it said invalid code. so i added a visa card to my soe account and i tried to register the game on soe. i got the same message. then i clicked subscibe from the launcher which to me to a screen that wanted another $ 49 with a free month of gaming. so i just clicked on the "a;ready have a key" only to get invalid code.
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  1. http://www.soe.com/en/support/supportTopics.vm?category=PC&id=027

    Need to ask Sony, we can't see what is going on with your account.
  2. go back to walmart and say that your game says Invaild CD Key and bring your recipt im guessing they will give you another copy to so it has a valid cd key
  3. Your typing it wrong. Is it caps, not caps, both? type it exactly how you see it. Also maybe the 0 is an O or vise versa, maybe B is 8 or vise versa. or i is a L
  4. had trouble once where a zero ( 0 ) was an o ......... or vice versa..
  5. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    Walmart has a pirated software problem becuase they get all their retail items from.............China. Go figure. We all know how China just loves respecting copyright law, intellectual property, etc.

    Ah.. they get their products like spoons, blenders, bikes from China, same as Target, BestBuy, and anyone else that buys things in bulk. Why don't you walk into your local store, buy a pack of toy soldiers or rubber bands and see where they are made? Unless you are buying high-end furniture, local made fudge, maybe some pricy kid toys, you will find that almost everything is made in China no matter where you buy it.

    A GAME box is shipped from the software distributor not bought off a street corner where you find pirated software.
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