A7V ATA100 Boot Problem

My system is as follows:
A7V V1.02
Bios 1004d
Promise Build 33
Windows 98SE
NVidia TNT2 M64
Maxtor ATA100 7200RPM 30G
Enlight 300W Case
CPU temp Maximum 52 degrees.

I just put it together and it's working great. The only problem I'm having is moving my hard disk from the primary IDE to the ATA100. When I do this, the hard disk is correctly regognized by the ATA Bios (yeah), but then fails boot with the following error message.
TrendChipAwayVirus has detected a boot virus on your hard disk.

Press <enter> for more information
Press <c> to continue

This message is in a red square with yellow lettering. Continuing gets you nowhere. I disabled boot virus in the bios (knowing it wouldn't help) and it didn't help. I just formatted this hard disk and I ran Norton and PC Cillin virus scan to make sure. I'm convinced this disk does not have a virus.

My next step for lack of a better idea is to load Promise Build 25 since I've read that it might be more stable. I haven't read anything that would suggest this is a Bios issue. Has anybody out there seen this error before? Could this be a compatibility issue with Maxtor?

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Uninstall or disable the virus scanner before you move the drive to the ATA100. Once the drive is there, reinstall the virus scanner. And don't use PC Cillin, it is junk.
  2. I agree with Bubba. Also, update the BIOS to 1005c. The Ultra DMA/100 driver v1.6 build 33 is definitely the better version. Also, do not shadow your BIOS to RAM. Disable all virus checking. Switch your HD to the ATA/100 slot. In BIOS 1005 you will get an error message but should be able to ignore it by hitting enter. If this works then you will need to re-enable the BOOT Virus checking to get rid of the boot error message.

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  3. Thanks for the posts. I'll follow your suggestions and give it another shot this weekend. Hopefully I've just hit on another symptom of the same Promise quirks I've seen all over this website.
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