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after playing many hours on fallout 3 i seem to have come across a problem.

it has come to the time wen i must go back to the purifier after making the president self destruct but when i get there and need to kill general autum i am pretty much instantly killed he has 2 enclave guards and i have that big monster ghoul thing but my health just isnt enough and vats takes too long to kill him so i am dead by time half his health has gone

please can someone help ???? :o
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  1. Enter the Purifier using either a Stealth Boy or a nice weapon. Or both.
    The Alien Blaster would be a good choice, as it costs nothing.

    A Fat Man, however, will just blow you up along with him.
  2. ahhhhhhh good idea but i think im out of ammo for most ideal wepons and i dont know if i have a stealth boy
  3. Oh, right.

    In that case, I'd get my hands on a nice Gatling Laser or unique rifle,
    wait a day so the ammo stores re-supply, buy some ammo, kill Autumn.

    If you need a Stealth Boy, you could always try the Museum of Technology.
    I'm sure there's a few to be found in there, and one's pretty much at the reception.
  4. ahhhhhh but im stuck in the purifier with no saves before and the doors are locked so im stuck in the room with him
  5. Well, that sucks. Lol.

    I think it'll just be a case of strafing between the two pillars and firing away.
    Autumn doesn't take many hits, but his guards are heavily armored.
    You might want to kill him, take his Plasma Pistol, and fight off the guards with that.

    However, if you're actually in the room prior to the conversation that Autumn has with you, you'll be able to speech challenge him into giving up and commanding his guards to stand down.
    Just re-load the game after each failure of the challenge until you win.
  6. ahhhhhh i shall try that tonight then :)
  7. guys all clear i killed him :)
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