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Where can i buy ps3 games @ cheap rates for abt 25$ max
I want good games like mafia 2 GTA 4 ....etc
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  1. Pls help me
  2., (used versions),, Gamestop (walk in store), Google shop.
  3. Hard to get recent PS3 games that cheap. BTW Mafia 2 on PS3 had very bad graphics and had frame rate issues, why would you want to play that game on PS3?

    They surpassed every online store with quality service, FAST shipping, and low prices.

    Also see
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    If you don't have a store like Gamestop or a record store like Dimple that will take trade-ins, you can send used games to for store credit... that is, if you have games you want to trade in...
  6. i would buy them at
    simply because PS3 games r practically region free and can be played on any region console (i.e Asia version of Mafia 2 running on an Australian PS3)
    another site can be
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