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I know a lot of people have mentioned that the in-OS software that tells you the temp of the motherboard is a little off, but has Asus verified anything? Right now my Bios is saying 54.5 C while my Asus Probe says 63 C...a big enough difference to make me uncomfortable. I assume the mobo is the one that is correct, but still I am getting worried for it...

Also, anyone else running the 1.2 ghz on this board? I am wondering if my temps are abnormally high...
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  1. I use Asus probe version 2.11, it matches the bios temp.
    I can't tell if your temps are abnormally high unless you let us know what kind of cooling you have.
  2. I'm running a 1.2 on the A7V. Mine runs anywhere between 47 and 53. 53 When I've had SETI running awhile. I also have a big 9-11 degree change when I monitor mobo and probe. I've also got Sisoft Sandra and it is almost identical to my mobo temp's, so that's the only way I check my cpu anymore.
  3. Ok, my 1.2 ghz has as follows:
    The Super Orb on top with a nice thin layer of heat compound between (yeah, i know, the Super Orb is crap, but I am not over clocking so it should HOPEFULLY be ok....)
    A 80mm fan in the front bottom of case
    A 80mm fan below the power source, in front of the cpu (which thankfully dropped the temp 7 degrees)
    And, of course, the fan on my 300 watt power source.

    I am tempted to grab a coolor for one of my open pci slots, but other than that i can't think of any other way to get this guy cooler, any ideas?
  4. I also have an A7V with 1200MHz Thunderbird, which I cool using the GlobalWin FOP32-I. I too get CPU temperatures of around 60°C measured with ASUS probe (V2.12.07). Yesterday I ran SANDRA on this PC for the first time and noticed that the temperature measured with Sandra is about 10°C lower! I have not yet checked the bios temperature yet though.
    Anyway I'm planning to get myself an Agilent Arcticooler...
  5. Just saw something on the ASUS website about this.
    The fix required a specific BIOS version along with
    a specific PC Probe version.
    Good luck!
  6. Where have you read this exactly? I'm having the same problem with Asusprobe showing 10°C more than the bios or SiSoft Sandra. I can't seem to find it on the site...
  7. Yes, please give us a link. I use the 2.11 probe because it reports the same temp as the mobo. I find it hard to believe that both are wrong and my temp should really be 10C higher.
    Other mobos with the same clock speed as me and less cooling report temps in the high 30s. Right now I'm in the low 40s and there is no way my cpu is actually running at 50 degrees.
  8. Hi

    You might want to try the GlobalWin FOP-38. 1GHz Tbird runs at 36 deg C. No compound used.


    <font color=blue>Moots</font color=blue>
  9. Yes, you could use the FOP38. However, If you could keep the FOP38 powered and took it outside and held it over your head you would actually take off. The fan is too fast and too loud.
    Just my opinion.
  10. I just downloaded AsusPROBE 2.12.08.
    The archive file contains a file named <b>change.txt</b> with subscriptions of the revisions of the program:

    <b><font color=blue>
    Probe 2 revision modifications list

    2.02 [1]Fix the bug at installation CPU temperature or MB temperature all show as Motherboard
    [2]Smart Fan Control Page is integrated into Probe 2.

    2.03 [1]Fix the bug when PC is suspended and then resumed, history recording will not
    reflect the correct time.

    2.10 [1]CPU cooling functionality is integrated into Probe 2.

    2.11 [1]Fix the bug when PC is suspended and then resumed, smart fan control will take no

    2.12.00 [1]Remove -5V monitor.

    2.12.01 [1]Compatible with ASUS iPanel.

    2.12.02 [1]Calibrate the CPU temperature of AS99127F-A.
    [2]Calibrate the voltages of CUSI series motherboard.

    2.12.03 [1]Calibrate the voltages of A7V-M motherboard.

    2.12.04 [1]Solve the initial fail problem on CUA motherboard.

    2.12.05 [1]Calibrate the voltages and temperatures of A7V-M motherboard.
    [2]Correct the voltage of P-III processor in DMI Browser.

    2.12.06 [1]Remove -12V monitor.
    [2]DMI browser support dual CPU.

    2.12.07 [1]Support dual CPU.

    2.12.08 [1]Support CUSC motherboard. (Use ASPM56 monitor IC)
    [2]Decrease power fan threshold from 2200 rpm to 1600 rpm.
    </font color=blue></b>

    From version on 2.12.05 it appears that temperatures measured are calibrated, which is probably an explanation for the temperature difference between the values from the bios and the probe program.

    Of course we prefer to believe the lowest value but this may be the sensor temperature, which can't be correct as there is an air gap between the sensor and the CPU die.
  11. I had a FOP38 and an old FDP32. I put the FOP38 onto my Tbird, did some measurements, and then switched the fan for the one on my FDP32, keeping the FOP38 heatsink. It's a lot quieter and I only lost maybe 1-2 C in cooling power.
  12. I have not found the probes for sale on Pricewatch. Could someone please send me a link or phone number to order them?
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