Hitman Blood Money

what does everyone think about hitman blood money.

i have got about 90% through the game (I think) but was it worth £7.00 and what about the new hitman will there be one ??
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  1. Absolutely brilliant game. Spent many weeks trying to perfect it.

    As for another one, I'm not too sure. There is supposedly one being made, but no information about it has slipped out.
  2. which misson is the last one
  3. The White House, I do believe.
    Either that or the Angels and Demons fancy dress party. That mission was unbelievably difficult to Silent Assassin.
  4. ahhhhhhhh i am doing the angels and deamons one now :o
  5. Lol, good luck.

    Tip: One of the targets (wearing a gold demon mask and brown suit) will walk into the public bathrooms from time to time. Perfect moment for a syringe to the neck.
  6. lol i prefer the cold killer silenced pistol approach
  7. Haha, me too.

    But if you want to get Silent Assassin rankings, you'll need to use syringes.
    The investigators can trace your ammo.

    Trust me, if you're into games with a challenge, try not shooting a bullet.
  8. okay will doo :)
  9. Very good game .. I borrowed it off my mate but it had scratches on the disk so I couldn't progress further than the beginning missions .. Where did you buy it from John?
  10. The funeral level is the last one.
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