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I have an abit vt6x4 motherboard and a creative labs annihilator pro and i recently upgraded from a celeron processor to a pentium III 800 EB. When I bought the pIII, i bought new memory (kingston valuram) so it could run at 133 mhz. After the upgrade, windows 98se would freeze after starting certain video related applications (like my dvd software). I couldnt even press ctrl/alt/del. Is this some sort of compatibility issue? perhaps between the mobo/chip/ram? Please help me!! I cant return this pIII cause i bought it retail!! (but i can get it replaced if it turns out its defective) thanks,
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  1. Sounds like an infamous VIA AGP issue. Try the latest 4-in-1 drivers and the latest BIOS updates. If that doesn't help, try setting the AGP bus to 2x in Bios. Also try disabling sideband addressing. I'm not going to go much further on the whole VIA thing this time, but most likely if you had a CUSL2 or a BX133 you would not be going through this right now.

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