Hi guys, I've recently started out with PC gaming as I never used to have a computer good enough to run games. Now that I have, I've got myself a Steam account and WoW and am really starting to enjoy it more than console gaming. I was just wondering whether anyone could recommend some reasonably priced games that stood out of them. I have got Alien Swarm and Orange Box from Steam already.

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  1. Call of Duty Series.....a MUST play! 4 and 6 are expensive though, but definitely worth it!
    Battle Field 2 Bad Company 2
    Aliens v. Predators
    Left 4 Dead 2........endless hours of online multiplayer
    Dead Space 1 AND 2.....horror genre, well worth it!
    FEAR 1&2

    Try these, and I'll drop in more name! ;)
  2. I've tried all of those on console though .. I want some different ones .. Horror/RPG/Adventure etc :)
  3. Reasonably priced? I'm quite into my indie stuff, check out world of goo (puzzle) and chime (puzzle and music). audiosurf's good too (think f-zero to your favourite tunes).

    trackmania also has a free version that's addictive and frustrating!
  4. If you want horror, try amnesia: the dark descent!
  5. @K13RON

    While PC has many games that are on Console that you may have already played. The PC experience for the same games is just different.

    While i wont recommend Call of duty because its just the same rehashed game every year.

    I would strongly recommend you pick up BC2 when its on discount on Steam (it was up for sale this holiday for a mere 7usd i think). The PC version is just a different expereince then console. Not only does the game look good, the PC community it self is more mature then the console crowd. People Work much better in PC MP then in console where everyone tries to go rambo. Which is the reason why recently Dice claimed PC users had the fastest collective actions of any platforms, meaning there is alot more team work on the PC platform then on console, hence the experience of playing is much different.

    I would recommend you should get Metro 2033 if you want to see a graphically intense game and want a story thats a blast to enjoy. This was also up for discount on steam for 5usd.

    Dragon age origins is another game which is just different on PC then on console. Even if you have played the console version the PC version will blow you away. In console its a hack and slash game on PC its a strategic RPG.

    If you are willing to try RTS then i would recommend you play Warcraft 3, the game will just blow yo away. its still by far one of the best RTS game out there, even with starcraft 2 released.
  6. Civ V for RTS too!
  7. Thanks guys, thats been really helpful .. I've heard that Amnesia is a good game from other people, as well as Audiosurf so im going to get those. Ill also look into BC2 because I enjoyed playing it on 360 due to things such as bullet drop with snipers.
  8. I'm in the same situation as u.. I finally have a pc worthy of games. It's great, feels like a system launch :D Try Halo 2 or Doom 3. Using a mouse feels fresh for the unacquainted.

    Btw next week is two worlds 2
  9. Thanks .. I know, makes you feel a little bit better about yourself .. Plus there is a better community

    I've played Doom 3 before and loved it so I might get it again :)
  10. K13RON said:
    Thanks .. I know, makes you feel a little bit better about yourself

    Hahaha a bit
  11. Weird... it actually is kinda hard to find the right pc game to play.. After having already played most of the games on console it doesn't leave alot of choices.
  12. If you liked Doom 3, try Quake 4. Also, Dead Space 1 and 2 for horror. BTW, there's an expansion to Doom 3. Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil.

    Half-Life 2 plus Episodes 1 and 2 are a must for every PC gamer.
    Battlefield Bad Company 2 as well.
    Metro 2033.
    Mafia II
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