PC Game Controller - Xbox360 vs generic, new vs preowned?

Hey guys,

I am really interested in buying a game controller for use in games where a keyboard and mouse will not cut it. In games such as HAWX or Just Cause 2, it can be impossible to fly your plane. This is because when you press a key on a keyboard, you are going from 0 to 1, [banking] all the way or not at all. Where as on a controller, you can choose the degree between the two extremes you want to be at. This allows for controllable and precision flying. Of course, A keyboard and mouse is essential for strategy games and FPS games so I will never buy a console. So there are my reasons.

I have looked at many controllers, generic or branded, xbox-style or PS-style. Which is best? I have heard programs like Xpadder can make use of all controllers but I want something that is easy and relatively simple to use (plug-and-play). I do not want to spend that much money on my controller so a full-price, new-in-box Xbox 360 controller is out of the question (at $60). What are typical 'preowned' controllers like? Are they still grippy (not coated in human skin oils) and are they responsive? Also, what of the generic branded controllers that are designed like xbox 360 controllers? Are they supported and/or automatically detected by games with [Supports Xbox 360 controllers for Windows] logos?

I am relatively new to this world of 'console' gaming and I know that I am probably being picky about something small that could only cost me $40 more than I may like, but I would still like to find out the facts about these things.

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  1. I bought a new 360 pad for £17 GBP last month. I would be perfectly happy with a second hand one though and am very pleased how it just works!
  2. Did you buy your controller retail or online and was it Microsoft branded or made third party?

    17 pounds is about 25 Australian dollars, so that is defintetly in my budget.

  3. Microsoft, and online.
  4. Ok that sounds good.
    I will browse my local online stores and try and find something good.

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