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Gaming mouse

hey guys
i need a little advice
im currently looking for a new mouse
but im on a budget of about 50$ or R300( south african )
so whats the best gaming mouse in that budget ?

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  1. hmm yeah i should of said the death adder doesnt work for me as i dnt have big hands and i heard that the deathadder is quite big
  2. hahaha you wouldn't believe the amount of people that tell me to get the mx518 but honestly i dnt like the feel i prefer i more flatter mouse, ive been looking at the razer abyssus it looks to be a good mouse no programmable by the looks of it but still seems pretty nice what do you say
  3. ok well any advice is aprreciated
  4. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    I use a logitech MX518 and love it. You can program the buttons too!

    I have two of these and they work great for me.
  5. i have average sized hands and the deathadder is perfect. i rest my hand on the mouse, i dont "claw grip".
  6. yeah i claw grip thats the prob so my hand needs to lie further back
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    vusi_81 said:
    yeah i claw grip thats the prob so my hand needs to lie further back

    What do you mean claw grip? You cover the whole mouse with your hand? Or the opposite?

    I have two Razer Mamba's for my PC's. Tom's had the discount listed. They were like 80$ a peice after all said and done. Anyway, the deathadder is the same exact size of the mamba. Before the mamba i had a logitech MX518,a logitech G5, and currently for my laptop i have the G700. The G5 and G500 i believe are the same as well.

    To me, logitech mice contour nicely to your hands. Since your hands are not large, most logitech gaming mice are not be the way to go.

    I found some sizes on a few examples. They should be correct, for the most part :sol:

    Mamba/Death Adder - 5(L) x 2.75(w) x 1.67(h)
    Abyssus 4.5(L) x 2.48(w) x 1.57(H)

    mx518 9.5(L) x 9.5(W) x 2.5(H)
    g500 8.7(L) x 8.1(W) x 3(H)

    After using the G5 for two years, the cord twisted out. When i received my mamba's they were more slender compared to the G5.

    Your decision on the Abyssus is a good choice if you dont "claw grip".

    I hope this helps, good luck!
  8. Razer Imperator refresh 5600 dpi ..
  9. I have small hands too and the deathadder feels perfect.It is very comfortable.I also liked my logitech g9 but that died a few years ago and costs much more.
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