heard anything about this board?

I am looking for a server motherboard that is dual processor P!!! and has dual-scsi and ethernet but is not too expenisve (more than 500$) and not made for 1U/2U rack.

The only one I have found is the aopen' DX34 plus (http://www.myaopen.com/myaopen/aopserboarbr.html) , however, this motherboard does not seem to be very popular as I have a heard time finding reviews for it. Does anyone know anything about it? Or does anyone have any suggestion for a similar motherboard?

thanks in advance,
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  1. Hi,

    Sorry, not heard of that board. As far as I remember Aopen seem to be well made and in the middle of the performance rankings. You might want to try looking at MSI and SuperMicro - they seem to specialise in server-type boards with SCSI, FireWire and the like


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  2. Well I don't know about cheap, but check out tyan's mobos. I've had my dual P3 500 w/ dual channel SCSI 3 for about 3 years now, well only put in the P3 in '99 but you get the picture. They do have the extremely expensive one with the Server chipset I see a bunch of people using, that one's gonna cost you ~$900
  3. check out supermico site http://www.supermicro.com/
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