Does aliens vs predator2 and primal hunt work with windows 7

I just wanna know if i can play my avp2 and primal hunt on my laptop that has windows 7
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  1. It should work, it is a fairly old game so may have compatibility issues. Ensure you run it in XP service pack 2 mode and as Administrator.
  2. ok thanks alot ill try it out
  3. Found this thread just by random googling for one of my Info Tech classes, I know its an old one, but I'd throw it out there on the off chance that the OP is still interested in playing this old game.

    I couldn't seem to get it to work not with Windows Compatibility mode, however it does seem to work via Windows XP mode Virtual machine.
  4. GAAHHH i love that game. XD

    not only does it work in windows 7 but the multiplayer LAN works to (best multiplayer ever :P)
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