LAN Party tutorial? Please

just want an easy to understand tutorial on how to put together a LAN party for me and a few other friends. which is better switch or hub, what games are the best, should i have a server computer? etc stuff like that.
thx 4 yr elp
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  1. A switch or hub is a LAN only device that just routes connection to any device on your local network. A router assigns IP addresses for WAN traffic as well as LAN traffic. So if you want to play online as well as LAN, get a router. A simple linksys, cisco, or netgear will be fine.

    Make sure you set every computer to use the same subnet and have the router DHCP all PCs without forcing dynamic IPs (if they had one set from their own house).

    Any game is fine as long as it doesnt require an internet connection like BFBC2 or SC2.

    You can set a computer to host all games but if you are running a LAN, your latency wont matter since you will all be under 5ms. Only worry is if somone has a PC that cant handle being a host for the game. Should always try to use the fastest/newest PC as host just in case, or the guy who wont ragequit out of a game and make everyone else disconnect too lol.
  2. cool, so i me and a few other friends want to star craft 2, then i would need a router. Also how much would a say 8 port router cost, im not sure maybe a 16 port. then we hook it up to the net so that we can play. Right? Also do all routers have wifi or can i get a cheaper one with just LAN ports. Lastly say i was with a few friends and we didnt have access to the internet. could i use the router as a hub/switch, just to clarify does a router double as a hub/switch
  3. Starcraft 2 does not have any LAN functionality so you all have to be able to connect to the internet. If you have a router, it will act as your hub as well as DHCP server out to the internet. An 8 port router shouldn't cost more than 75$ for decent ones. Not all of them have Wifi, for that you will need a wireless router. Those usually have 4 wired ports and one/two antennas for wireless connectivity.
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