Dead space 1 impossible VS Dead space 2 hardcore

Hello guys i just completed dead space 1 impossible mode and dead space 2 hard core and i wanted to tell the difference and ask you all how do you feel the difficulty level in both games.

First Dead space 1 i personally think is harder than dead space 2 in impossible mode.

Because if you use plasma cutter only throughout the game the enemies take atleast 6 to 7 hits to kill them like for killing a super slasher.

I even upgraded max damage on my plasma cutter still it takes 6 to 7 shots to kill one necromorph.

Yes but the advantage in Dead space 1 is that you still get plenty of ammo even in impossible mode.

Now in dead space 2 hardcore aside from the 3 saves only it is still easy compared to dead space 1 impossible.

At the beginning only your plasma cutter is powerful enough to kill necromorphs non-upgraded like 2 shots to cut off leg and 2 shot to cut off arms so only 4 shots to kill a necromorph whereas compared to dead space 1 6 to 7 shots(even after upgrading damage).

And the aiming is a bit hard in dead space 1 but in dead space 2 its very smooth and nice.

So i personally want to say that dead space 2 hard core is less difficult than dead space 1 impossible except for the 3 saves part.

So what you guys think?.
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  1. well i completed dead space 1 on on impossible with little struggle, for a start you can save everywhere, u get plenty of ammo and health,u can die more than 4 times (unlimited) i also had a dlc suit and if i remember correctly i exploited a glitch to play hardcore in newgame+ mode, i tried deadspace 2 on zealot straight out of the box and struggled with ammo the whole game, getting three shots as a reward for killing an enemy which took 6 shots is counter productive! found myself forced into exploting the ammo glitch at every bench before eventually (without realising it was the final boss) being forced into dropping the difficulty as i had no ammo, ramping it straight back up for new game+ bering in mind i now know enemy spawn locals i still dont fancy my chances on chapter 15 ( i died like 15 times on zealot so i think il be forced into missing this achivement but i will give it 1 attempt but i know that il end up making 1 mistake arond ch5 and be forced to restart from the title screen, enevitably causing a thrown controller and cracked lcd tv! some1 plz find a glitch i cannot be botherd shooting collecting and re selling dlc detonator ammo again and again just to die in the next room, for once hardcore means you have to be hardcore, as in more commited to the game than a squirrel to nuts
  2. Guess I'm not much of a gamer. I went from normal and am now on Survivalist. And I have played DS1 before, but never on the hardest setting. Either way, norm or hardcore, it's a great game. Surprised I haven't seen much mention of it on the forums... oh and congrate gamer1291 on beating the hardcore mode... how is that Hand Cannon?
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