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Win7 gaming pc mystery failure HELP

im running an i7 930 bloomfield on a gigbyte x58a-ud3r motherboard. 6 gigs of ram in a very well cooled "sniper" cm housing. recently replaced a working gigabyte gtx460 for a sapphire hd 6950. heres where the problems began, however im sceptical as to weather the graphics card is the true problem.

after installing i boot for the first time and windows restarts and chdsk begins. errors are found in systemfiles and can be repaired. upon reinstalling windows 7 pro after a clean format, it all works. hmmmm

now for the next 3 weeks or so i get about 3-5 days average play time before i get serious troubles. symptoms being everything from simple restarting to server unrepairable curropted files aswell as "wmd.exe bad image" errors on things like dxd01.dll and even apple itunes software. i figured it may be the hard drive (1Tera) having faulty sectors, so i switched it with a newer hardrive (750gig). got away with about a week and a half of playtime before the same issues occured.

ive scaned for viruses multiple times, nothing. clean installed win7 again and again. doesnt help. ive tried not instaling windows updates and installing all of them. both situations get issues. i dont know what else to do.

currently im able to play "masseffect 2" flawlessly without problems, however "monday night combat" will fail to load even the intros. same problem with "rift". so i wonder how masseffect 2 can run without any hitches if the video card is whats broken.

PLEASE any knowledge or guidence will be greatly appretiated.
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  1. Run a memory test. This sounds like a RAM issue.

    A quicker solution is to try with each individual RAM stick and see if issues occur with any of them.
  2. long story short, i was forced to resintall once again. i tried going to control panel but i got what seemed to be a ram error. explorer crashed and rebooted. booted into recovery mode and failed. anyways....

    reinstalled and went immediatly into Easy Tune to check my memory. looks like theres a problem....

    Slot one and two identical

    Slot 3 not looking too good...

    any ideas beyond simply taking it out and probably discarding it?
  3. ugh.... ok so after posting that i decided to check it again. well its all changed...




    ok.... so now they are all disfunctional? does that mean the motherboard is whats failing?
  4. I wouldn't trust easytune. Get a copy of memtest86+ and run that against each stick individually. Yes, it takes longer to do each stick, but some memory contollers don't handle more than two sticks well without a voltage bump. Testing one stick at a time helps eliminate other possible causes.
  5. alright. memtest ran on each stick individually and all together. all tests came back with zero errors. however, i noticed some things wrong. frequency and timings were off and the product name was wrong. so i double checked on the sticks.

    sticks physically read....

    Corsair TR3x6G1600C8D vers. 7.1A
    ddr3-1600 mhz 8-8-8-24 1.65v

    however my BIOS, POST and memtest read differently....

    Corsair CM3x2G1600C8D
    ddr3-1065 8-8-8-20

    any ideas on what could be the issue?
  6. should i just manually overclock it to the appropriate settings in the bios?
  7. Sounds like setting ram manually could not hurt.
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    kelvyn said:
    should i just manually overclock it to the appropriate settings in the bios?

    Yes, change the settings manually in the BIOS. If it still gives problems, I'd check the Corsair forums and if you find no help there, you can RMA them.
  9. Had the same issue, Contact Corsair, Lifetime warranty on RAM, sent the old set back and recieved brand new replacements in the mail, never had a problem since.
  10. ok well ive re overclocked my i7 to a steady 3.6 ghz and overclocked the ram up to its "factory specs". so far everything stable and smooth, but a gut feeling tells me that will change :P

    thanks digitalexplosives. ill keep that in mind the next time they fail.
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