K7V and Thuderbird 950

Will it work? A slot a thunderbird 950 with an asus K7V? And if so, anything odd I have to do to make it work. Please let me know.

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  1. Thunderbird = Socket A
    K7V = Slot A

    = problems. Get a Slot A chip or a Socket A board.
  2. Hey smart guy- thanks, but you're wrong.
    Ok for anyone who doesn't believe go to procewatch.com and look right above thunderbird chips at the "slot A thunderbird" section.
    Ok so question still remains- I know there is a slot a revision that the thunderbird definitly works on, but will say a 950 work well on a regular old K7V?

  3. I think I remember a transitional period when AMD was packaging the Thunderbird (with onboard L2 cache) in a slot A package. This was right before moving to the socketed version. I would think any slot A mainboard that supplied the necessary 9.5 multiplier should work.
  4. Slot A Thunderbirds have problems with the KX133 chipset when they're running faster than 800mhz.

    There is one revision of the K7V, that being the K7V-T that supports the Thunderbird at the higher speeds. I can't remember the exact modification, but the board did need to be altered to eliminate the problem so a standard K7V will not work.

    Any AMD-750 chipset board will support the Slot A Thunderbirds. Which means if you had a K7M, you'd be in business.
  5. What would be better- say a slot A thunderbird running 750-800 or an athlon classic 950-1ghz?

  6. Oh yeah, and if anyone knows the modification to make it work- please let me know.

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