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i use to play cod4 online on gameranger, xfire, garena but there some people hacks and we cant have the proof as we disable punkbuster coz many of the other players cant join if pb is on, so is there any other means to bust out those hackers
waiting for your helps and contribution
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  1. Seriously, TURN ON PUNKBUSTER.
    By turning off punkbuster, you are saying hacks are allowed. Sometimes PB can lag a cheap server. i made a config for it that runs smooth as silk and one night i searched all S&D server and 7 were empty and 2 were full. The empty ones all had PunkBuster. That should give you an idea of how many of people downloaded hax. Which anyone can do, but sometimes getting them off comp is hard. Clans that Don't want you to hack use PB and any clan that turns off PB is adding to this problem. They usually use hax and recruit hackers meanwhile will ban others for it.

    The reason why they cant join your server with PB is prolly: They search only for ones without it, CAUSE THEY ARE HACKING and don't want to be detected.

    Also ALL Call of Duty game are made with the Quake 3 engine, so you are basically playing a re-skinned quake3 game. The quake 3 engine is the most hacked. Maybe they should come 0ut with an engine made in this century since black Ops made over 500 million in first week. MW3 is also quake 3. Your buying an expansion pack not a new game.
  2. turn on punkbuster PB is fully supported so if they cant get it to work its there problem... i met a lot of players that dont like it on because they claim it corupts there games... and wont let them on servers... this is tish, if PB is up to date and working properly then it has no issue with cod 4... i should know i have over 1000 hours on it running my own server...

    if they want to play with pb off then they need to play elsewhere... there are plenty of players to take there place....

    also if your running servers you may also want to try PBBans you can stream your servers PB to them 2 and they run different checks. or AON again just stream to the Aon anti cheat and the best thing about Aon is it doesnt use PB. but does use the same banlists... so if your banned off aon your also banned by PB.

    NOTE to above... cod4 was a completely new proprietary engine. it has nothing to do with the quake 3 engine... this is a common mistake... but please feel free to look it up yourself...
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