Question about importing saved game profiles to ME2?

I just finished Mass Effect 2 and wished that I had done a few things differently (loyal up team members), when I beat it I had the option to start a new game with some bonuses. I get to keep the whole arsenal of weapons, extra credits and level of powers. When ME3 comes out later this year which profile will import to ME3, the relationships/conversations paths I made the first time through or the second one I'm playing now? See the first time through the non-loyal team members died at the end and I'm hoping the second time through ME2 I can change the outcome. I'm hoping the second time beating ME2 overwrites the first profile.

I appreciate your reply, Systemlord
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  2. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    ME3 should import the most recent profile for that character. So yeah, the 2nd play through where team members survive will be the one imported.

    Thanks for the helpful reply, I just hope I have enough charm to make Jack and Zeed loyal this second time around. I'm doing them last with a level 4 Commando with 100% charm.

  3. Everyone loyal for me except jack or miranda, cant remember. Anyway eagerly waiting for ME3..
  4. Okay.
    Well, i finished the last mission with Tali dying... I guess there isnt any way to not let any one die there/
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