To all the Xbox gamers, Whats your opinion on the Crysis 2 demo?

Hey all,
So ive been long awaiting for Crysis 2 to come out and as I only game on PC Im wanting to know what all you xbox 360 gamers opinions are of the multiplayer demo? How does it compare to crysis/warhead for anyone whos played that on PC?
Whatre the pros/cons of the game?
Thanks :)
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  1. I have yet to download and play the Crysis 2 Demo. However, my brother tried it out some time ago and said he did not like the Multiplayer.

    Probably be a game I'd buy for PC though.
  2. I enjoyed it very much, if your able to look past a few fixable flaws it has some solid potential.

    Hit boxes // latency // kill cams // input delay

    Those were my biggest issues but all are able to be fixed and are common problems on xbl shooters.

    As for balance(Guns/abilities) it seems pretty good. Theres solid counters for people trying to abuse cheapness.

    In the demo we were able to play team DM and crash.. Death match was just meh but with a group of friends, crash was a blast.(its like capture and hold)

    In armor mode you have the ability to avoid cheap deaths (nade spam / melee attacks/shotgun users) and the respawn time is a good medium.

    Feels like Crysis Wars just scaled down TONS. ( IMO its better but I didn't care for Crysis wars very much)

    And as for graphics they were pretty lol as expected. They were good for console standards but just horrible compared to Crysis/Warhead. There is talk for pc getting a Crysis 2 demo and then we will know first hand.

    As for single player Crysis 2 looks much more linear but still good.
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