Low fps in WoW. Might be my vid card. can anyone tell me if it's good?

here is my vid card info:

-nvidia quadro nvs 140m with 2032 MB Memory on it
-it says current display mode is 800x600 (32 bit)(60hz). can i change this if so how?

general info:

- 4 gigs of ram
- windows7 professional 64 bit (so why does vid card say 32 bit?)
- dell latitude d830
- core 2 duo with 2.6 GHz processor
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  1. The Quadro series are not designed for running games, laptops are also pretty poor for running games on and they seriously under-perform in bus latencies and speeds.

    The Quadro series is designed for professional applications, such as rendering etc so they perform badly in games.

    Since this is a laptop what you get now is all you'll ever get, so if you want to play the game easier you will have to invest in a good desktop or laptop, a desktop will run at about £400/$500 and a good laptop for games will run at least £800/$800 and probably over 1000.
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