GTA IV 20 - 30 fps, on radeon 5670

radeon 5670 ddr5 512mb
e7500 core2duo 2.93ghz
500w psu
2g ram 800mhz

i get 20 - 30 fps, somtimes even less when the graphics and res are at the lowest, wtf?
this game should run smoothly at med settings..
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  1. gta 4 is a cpu intensive game. it runs slowly on most dual core cpus
  2. Tell us all the settings you have kept, like the resolutions, shadow settings, and draw distances, afew tweaks can make the game run very smooth.
  3. 20-30fps sounds reasonable for a 5670 with a dual core. I can guess your resolution is about 1280x10124 or similar size.

    To get a better smoother experience on GTA4 ensure that shadows and draw distance are low. A powerful CPU is also a key component to running the game well.

    GTA4 does not run well on most levels, mainly because it was poorly optimized but is also an open world game.
  4. well i put setting at lowest, and res 800 x 600 and its on 20 - 25 fps...
    this game should run at medium setteings and 1620 x 1050 and at least on 30 fps
  5. Not with that system unfortunately. A dual core system with only 2GB will struggle with GTAIV.

    GTAIV has a very strict limit of what it runs well on, only high end CPUs do well in it, and that's only 40fps+. Unfortunately graphic level does not affect FPS as much in other games, since it seems to be doing a lot of AI and physic work, which a good CPU does well with, especially quad core and above.

    With my system I barely get 30fps, with a Phenom II x4 940 + Radeon 4890 at every setting.
  6. Sounds about right to me.

    Your rig lacks CPU cores, Video RAM, and possibly system RAM to run this game decently at medium settings or better.
  7. How will this go?:
    AMD Phenom 960
    Radeon 5770
    8GB RAM
  8. System like that will manage about 30-35fps.

    It takes a lot to get above that.
  9. and if i buy another 2g ram, ill have 4g ram 800mhz, will it make any difference?
  10. It might help, since GTAIV is a fairly memory intensive game, but the CPU is only a dual core, so that is the bottleneck for a game like GTAIV.
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