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A brief history of my pc gaming. Back in college (2000-2004) I played Counter-strike almost exclusivly. I played in cal-i for several seasons and loved the competitive aspect of the game. I left counterstrike when i fell in love with World of Warcraft. I led a top 20 guild for all of Vanilla, took a break for a while and went back and built what is now a top 100 world guild. I left the game for good at the end of Litch King. Out of respect for my wife I will not go back to world of warcraft. I've played tf2 competively in the early days of the game and have currently been spending some time with BFBC2. I love the competitive aspect of games and the friendships built in team based games. For the next several months I have plenty of time to play games before going back to school full time + working 40 hours a week starting in the fall. I do plan on building a guild for Star Wars the old republic when the game is finally launched and trying to repeat my WoW success in the new game.

I am open to any type of game. I have never been good at RTS games or Turn based strategy games but I've never really taken to much time to get into them. I'm looking for something fun, where I can be involved in a community or with a team for competitive play. I'm open to all suggestions so please let me have them!
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  1. I personally love playing left 4 dead and left 4 dead 2, since you played TF2 you (should) know that valve games have an excellent community
  2. Can you be more specific in terms of genre/setting you are most interested in?

    The Call of Duty series might be worth a look. I really enjoy the multiplayer experience and it has some really fun team-based modes.

    If you are planning to get into RTS, you may as well start with StarCraft 2. The community is very active, and there are loads of 2v2 or 3v3 leagues to get into, so it's by no means limited to a single player experience.
  3. if you want to play with the best and prove your skills, hold your breath and wait for Duke Nukem!
    Coming Soon.
  4. jgiron said:
    if you want to play with the best and prove your skills, hold your breath and wait for Duke Nukem!
    Coming Soon.

    +1 lol

    COD = the new CSS

    I've been seriously involved with this series (MW1 & especially MW2) but the latest title (Black Ops) is not as attractive (sucks at first, then you like it for 3 months, then you really get bored with progression) fact, it seems like the series is stalling a bit. That said, it's by far the most active community at the moment.

    Duke Nukem is a great choice (*sarcasm*) but another title that might be worth waiting for is BF3.
  5. I have been considering EVE online. I almost feel like that game has been out for so long it's hard to jump in and catch up. As far as the diferrent types of games and genre's I like, I'm truly open to anything. The biggest thing for me is that I enjoy building friendships through games either through a large raid type guild in an mmo, or through a smaller clan/team type of group in fps games. I'm willing to learn other types of games, I wouldn't mind broading my horizons a little.
  6. THe CoD series confuses me. I always felt dirty playing shooters not made by Valve. If i'm going to jump into the CoD series on PC am i better off going CoD4 and that route or black ops?
  7. I still don't find CoD as organic as Steam FPS's. No matter what i do I still can't get into a COD game. I stick to Battlefield or Steam games if playing on a PC. My personal opinion tho and i know for sure it's not shared by everyone.

    If you want PC community for RTS StarCraft2 def has it but if you aren't big into strategy games it will take a bit to get used too. But you seem dedicated enough to the games you play to get good quick enough.

    But really if you want a strong community backing for your games on PC that's what you have to go for, Steam, Battlefield, COD, SC2, or an MMO (I will never play one tho).
  8. I think crysis 2 and battlefield 3 are good FPS picks if you don't like cod. Portal 2 will be out soon and should be a good game. The new total war game may or may not be good, but if you like a bit less speed this may be better than StarCraft2 to you.
  9. If you want competetive, Unreal Tournament 2004. The graphics aren't top notch but god damn is it crazy online.
  10. call of duty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Two worlds 2!!!!

    D&D type of game let's u also set traps, mix potions, forge weapons. Beautiful... Directx 10. Open world.

    Quite an original experience ;)
  12. if your going to jump in the cod series on PC... don't get BFBC2 and the vietnam expansion, its cheap now and personally I would say it is the best multiplayer/war game in existence, when goign from bfbc2 to cod, it makes cod feel really fake and arcadish although it is still a fun game and I still find myself playinf mw2 from time to time but Battlefield: Bad Company 2 gets my vote, and if you havent played it you should...
  13. team fortress 2 is hella fun as well as left 4 dead 2 , if u want adrenaline pumping feeling
  14. *hella* you must be from cali, tf2 and lfd2 are both fun but not really as seriously engaging as bfbc2
  15. a good current MP FPS would be COD7. (or u can go for COD4)
    a good RTS + role play game is HON (hero's of newearh). please keep in mind that there is DOTA 2 on its way (dont know when )
    and then there is the old CS still playing in huge numbers.
    for real RTS stuff u can go for C&C Tiberium wars or RA 3.
  16. ^ these games are crap, starcraft 2 and BFBC2 are the way to go for fps and rts, COD is a cheesy arcade shooter and C&C is extremely outdated
  17. jjb8675309 said:
    ^ these games are crap, starcraft 2 and BFBC2 are the way to go for fps and rts, COD is a cheesy arcade shooter and C&C is extremely outdated

    I'm going to have to disagree with you there. All the C&C games are brilliant fun to play. Playing C&C3 is one of the best LAN experiences I have ever had. Slightly older does not equal outdated, unless you are only interested in graphics.
  18. Don't play call of duty.. It was taken from infinity ward just like medal of honor. Don't support the publishers that steal games
  19. C&C is decent, certainly a series that has been around for a while, so regardless if im not huge on it, apparently some people are... but the COD series have just gone down hill since cod4 imo, the game feels like a cheap arcade shooter compared to bfbc2, if you are gaming on a pc cod mw2, bo, are both crappy console ports with little to no pc improvements, whereas bfbc2 in its dx11 glory is a much more pc exclusive game, (although its still widely played on console) not to mention that the Vietnam add on pack is spectacular and very fun to play, just my two cents
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