Just some questions..

First of all, Hi, im New here but i've seen alot of solved answers and threads on this site so i'd like to ask some questions by myself ;) .

Well but before i'd like to tell u what Config i'd like to buy...

550W PSU
ATi Radeon HD 4870
AMD AthlonII X3 445 3,1 GHz
Motherboard M2N68 Plus
MidTower Codegen 6074
RAM DDR2 2 x 1 GB (Thinking of a 4GB)
Hard Drive 160 GB

Ok First tell me, will all that run good (or will it even run), Im not really a hardware guy but i have a little knowledge... Ok, Will that Run, and if yes,
how much FPS I'll be getting well lets say, on

Call of Duty Black Ops,
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and 1,
CoD World at War,
NFS Hot Pursuit,

All that on MAX or High, or dunno, oh and, if "On what resolution, and monitor size?", I'm gonna run it on a 19" Monitor and 1024x768 Res. ...

And the second, How much Minimal FPS do i need to run a game without any lag.. Like, is 40 FPS enough to run a game totally smooth without any lag...

So please, no negative feedback, and remember, Im not that great at PCs so...

Thanks alot :)
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  1. HD 4870 will be more than enough to handle all these games on the specified resolution. But the thing is this that you have a good card and still you want to play at such a low resolution?
    Increase the resolution and no need to worry about the frames and setting to bring to lower level.
  2. You might also want to invest in another CPU/MOBO and more ram. The AMD CPUs are great but in most benchmarks, you will get lower FPS and performance to comparable Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs.

    If you are running XP, get 4GB of DDR2. If you are going to run Win7, get 6GB DDR3.
  3. Thanks for your replies :), Well is the X3 445 A bottleneck for the HD4870 or is it a good combination..?
  4. Don't worry X3 445 is a really good processor and won't be a bottleneck for HD 4870.
  5. Ok Thank you that's all I Needed :)
  6. Oh Yeah that! :P Well, How much do min FPS do i need to run it totally smoothly... I think it's around 40 or 50...
  7. Most on that list is good for the games you want to play (except GTA4)

    If you really insist on playing GTA 4 at high/higher settings you'll need a quad (Intel lower i series should do) and much RAM on your VC (800MB or higher).
  8. Yea I've seen that it's pretty PCU Demanding so, well I'll be rolling it on Medium or Custom settings, then, and ^^ Yea i agree with that well, so 30 FPS :)
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