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I’ve recently had problems seeing the contents on my cd writer & dvd rom. If a cd is already in either drive when I boot up my computer, then I can see the contents in windows explorer. But, if I load a cd in either drive, (with comp already running) nothing shows up. It shows zero bytes. I’m not really sure when this started to happen. I’m able to write to the cd, Quicken backups, etc with no problem. Autorun doesn’t work, but was always iffy on the cd rom. The dvd will autorun a dvd when inserted, but I still can’t see files. Also related to this, my Archos jukebox contents are invisible when I attach to the usb. It shows up as F: drive instead of Jukebox, like it’s supposed to. When I try to see the contents, all it says is F:\ inaccessible. Invalid parameters. (Thanks for all the knowledge, Mr. Gates). When I hook the Jukebox up to the computer before startup, it works normally.I use Spybot, Ad-Aware, & AVG virus software. All updated. About a month ago I bought a new keyboard, (Saitek gaming keyboard), & a Logitech MX 1000 laser mouse. Not sure if these caused any problems. I did switch back to my old keyboard & mouse, but it did not help. My restore points don’t go back that far. Would you have any ideas on how to fix this? I would hate to have to reinstall XP. Thanks for any guidance.

Regards, TB
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  1. I had a CD do sort of the same thing. If I put a different CD in it wouldn’t show and would show the one I had in before. I could see the contents in explorer though and the same if i rebooted. Not sure if this will help you, but after about a month it fixed its self threw window updates, so I’m pretty sure that is where the problem started.
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