So, what's the difference. I went to the AMD web site to determine what motherboard I needed. ATX and uATX where the two catagories motherboards fell into. I haven't found any information on uATX.

(the page I referred to can be found at:
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  1. The ATX is the standard, full sized motherboard the other is a micro ATX which has less I/O slots (I can't remember how many). The ATX has up to 7 slots (sometimes one is replace by an AMR).
  2. Thanks, that's all I wanted to know.
  3. Вчера поздно вечером случайно наткнулся на интересный ресурс. Вот что тут есть:
    <a href=>рецепты фруктовых чаев</a>. Как прекрасно, что в интернете это есть.
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