IOS protection fault on W95b install

I am trying to upgrade my system on the cheap - the only way I can - Motherboard Biostar M5VNB, CPU AMD K6-III+450, 128mb 133mhx SDRAM; jumpers 2.1v CPU core, 100Mhz CPU bus, 33mhz PCI, 4.5x mult, no funny stuff, no overclocking. Boots to DOS prompt fine, wiped HD to install W95b from scratch. 1st reboot is followed by "while init. device IOS: windows protection error; restart system. If I rename SETVER.EXE, I get thru IOS init and well into startup, then esdi_506.vxd causes another protection error. Any thoughts? Very little useful info came with components. Thanx.
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  1. I believe any amd k62 chip over 350 needs this patch to function w/win95.
    Under Service Packs:
    "Microsoft® Windows® 95 Update for AMD-K6®-2/350 fixes a software timing loop that is sensitive to processor frequency and is not a processor erratum."

    You need to clock your chip down to 300 or so and you probobly want reformat & reinstall win95 cleanly and then run this update.

    Also make sure your motherboard will take this chip.

    -Luck -Matt
  2. Thanks! I never expected a reply so fast - I'll try that and post the results. Nick
  3. Nice catch - right on the 1st try. This is my first experience with K6-2+/3+ chips, else I'm sure I would have run into this a long time ago. Thanks again! - Nick
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