Nomad Jukebox in the Car?

What is the best way to take the Nomad Jukebox on the road? I already have a radar detector hooked up to my cigarette lighter so I don't want to burn batteries all of the time.

Also, what is the best way to connect the Nomad to my car stereo? I saw that Creative sells a cassette tape adapter where you plug the fake tape into the deck and connect that tape to your Nomad and you wired in, however, I was concerned that the sound quality would be inferior. Is there a better way?
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  1. Maybe you could do some wiring in the car and make a minijack to connect to you MP3 device?

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  2. You can buy splitters at your local RatShack to split you cigarette lighter into 2 or three (or whatever) outlets.

    As for the audio, I use the fony tape thing (also from RatShack) and don't notice much quality loss, but my car sterei also sucks, so you may be able to set up some kind of line-in with RCA jacks depending on your car stereo type.
  3. Cool, thanks for the posts...I will get that splitter and see what I can rig as a direct connection. Anyone else use the cassette tape connecting method that has a high-end stereo and comment on the sound quality?

    By the way, does anyone know if that splitter would draw too much power with two devices plugged in and blow out the fuse that controls the lighter?
  4. I used tape cassete connection before. It is not bad, but if you decide high quality and your ear is so good than choose another alternative (like that splitter).
    For your second question I think you better ask sellers where you will buy it.
  5. some of the Newer Head Unit's/reciever's... have an Input!.. you can buy a Male to Male Jack..with the Small Headphone Jack... you know those wires...... well, one goes in the head phone input and the other goes to the head Unit!

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  6. i would say check on the back of the headunti to see if there are input. have inputs on the bck of my kenwood.

    i jack my cd based mp3 player thru it. it is great for the long drives but there are few thens that i have run into. one finding the siong you want out of all the songs you have and two the input of my mp3 player is quiter then if i put acd in there so i have to cranck the volume almost all the way to full

    what is better then a 7000 rpm, a 8000 rpm delta. to cause more noise to kill your ears :smile:
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