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anyone here driving a subaru wrx 2009? im thinkin about buying one and would like to get your experience on it. :)))))))))))))))))))))
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    The 09 is your best option for a wrx.
  2. A few of my friends have a 02 WRX and another a 04 STI. They say their experiences are good but the clutches can burn out quick and don't expect to save gas on that thing. Not sure about the 09 though, might want to visit a subaru wrx forum.
  3. wongster said:
    anyone here driving a subaru wrx 2009? im thinkin about buying one and would like to get your experience on it. :)))))))))))))))))))))

    A buddy of mine has a 2004 and loves it. I read that a few things were wrong with the 2008. Not meaning "wrong" in the literal sense of the word but just something wasn't perfect about as in earlier models. They increased horsepower and boost in 2009. I believe the boost went from 11.etc to about 13.etc. and horsepower got a nice facelift to about 265 from its previous 224 area. They supposedly did some stuff with the suspension and steering i'm not sure exactly what.

    This site doesn't directly answer your question, but I think from the look of it you can get a lot of answer about this car.

    Good Luck. I'm jealous that you can even think about this car, my wife would destroy me. lol. She has always told me I can't have one until kids get out of college.
  4. WRX 09 is very nice, Read forums and take one for a test drive, then go for a test in an Mitsubushi EVO 8/9 (not fond of the 10 styling) and you will be shocked at the difference in performance between the two, we have a Mitsubushi EVO VIII fq300 chipped and de-catted to 360+ bhp and it mostly kills all the wrx we come up against, unless they have been heavily modded...

    The Evo can go to 500+ bhp with a bigger turbo ($2000 or so) and nothing else, mind you 360bhp = over 180mph which is fast enough for us
  5. The '09 WRX is a seriously nice car. They bumped it up to 265 horsepower and did some changes to the suspension/chassis, and from the reviews that I've read, they have made a world of difference compared to the '08 car. 0-60 in under 5 secs and a quarter mile in ~13.5 is nothing to scoff at for a <25K car. Some people think that the hatchback is horrible, looks-wise, but I think it looks better than the current sedan, and the old WRX sedan. That's just my opinion, though. It's a good car.
  6. Both the WRX 09' and the evo moricon spoke about are very fast cars. I've never owned either but have been in both. In the long run, when you finally decide to buy, you have to go for a few days of test drives. That is the real key. Though, to answer your post, very fast car that "happens" to be good in foul weather such as the snow of the northeast. I opted for a rear wheel drive because of my great love of breaking the tires loose around corners, but I have to park it for the winter. If you are somewhere that gets rough weather, I recommend it. Otherwise, get a rear wheel drive ;-).
  7. Both cars are full 4wd, and set to deal with tarmac, gravel or snow, (Ive yet to test the snow setting on the traction control on the EVO but it does not snow enough down the south of england )

    you will love either of them to be fair :)
  8. as long as its not a 2008+ STI, all the other Subaru's didnt get hit with the ugly stick as the 2008+ STIs did.
  9. Sooner a Subaru over a Mitsi, they are way more reliable. Don't do racing starts and your clutch will last a lot longer.
  10. That's not fair. I paid 50K for mine, limited edition Club Spec 10 (Australia).

    That's what i get for not moving i guess :P

    Great car though, little heavy on the juice, but a great car none the less.
  11. My 2002 Impreza WRX gets 30MPG highway, and 25MPG city - at 18PSi. Of course I have an automatic boost controller at the pedal, so I only get the 30MPG without any boosting, but it's nice to be able to choose between 120BHP and 300BHP ++

    2009 however is limited to 2.5L engine. This gives you much worse fuel economy, though added headroom for upgrades and a little more torque. You couldn't tell, though - my 2002 leaves 2005-2010 WRX and STi in the dust EVERY time.
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