Virtualization: Is it Possible to Run Several "Computers" off of One?


I was just curious. I saw a European computer company selling these low powered machines that are equipped with two video cards and can do outputs of up to four monitors. They said that it could be used with virtualization technology to run four separate "computers" off of one. How is this possible?

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  1. Hi, you can find many informatives source:

    1- Here
    2- Here
    3- Here
    4- Here
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  3. If you're running four virtual machines off of one server I can guarantee that it's not a "low powered" machine. Depending on what applications they're running that may even make the average Nehalem/Bloomfield proc cry for mercy.

    You'd realistically be looking at a dual Xeon setup with a significant amount of memory to be able to make that setup tenable in the real world.
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