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Somehow I created a new user with same login- maybe when I created a password, maybe when I left the domain, maybe when I created new user when I loaned the old faithful P2 with Win2k Pro to a client in need.

In any event- all my old files and prefs are in folder and I want to know if I can make the login use that folder for user.

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  1. You can't make a login use an old profile but you can copy that profile onto a new one. Just make a new user, log into it once, logout, login as the administrator or another account with administrative privs, right click on my computer and go to properties, go to the profiles tab, select your old profile, click copy, navigate to the folder of the new profile you created, set the priveledges to everyone, hit ok. When you log into the new account it should look exactly like your old one did.

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  2. I tried your suggestion.

    The problem is that there is no old profile in the profiles tab- as both profiles use the same login name- there are only 2 profile folders, the original was "john1" and the new one is "john1.JOHN". The original contains all the documents, program links, and startup items I want back. I think it may have to do with the fact the old profile used to be connected to a domain but no longer is. I don't remember at what point exactly the change occured.

    The other thing I noticed was that I did not see a way to "set priveledges to everyone" unless I maybe shared the folder- but that could not be done at the step where you suggested.

    Any other suggestions appreciated- thanks again,

  3. Ah, the privs thing must only be in xp. I dont have a 2k machine in front of me right now to check my memory :)
    If that was a domain profile it might show up as a crazy string of random numbers, letters, etc. I'm not sure that those can be copied anyway though.
    There is a less pretty way of doing it. Log in as administrator, go into the old profile folder, do select all, copy, go to the new profile folder and hit paste. That "should" work, that is basically what the profile coping does anyway. Just make sure you do select all so that all the hidden files are selected.
    Of course backup anything you absolutely need from the new profile before copying over it :)

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