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I am new to PC gaming. What are some of the best controllers out there and what are the best value for money?

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  1. heres a list of 2 controllers which i deam are worthy,

    Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710

    and this Logitech Rumble Gamepad F510 both top quality gamepads :P
  2. 360 Wireless pad with adapter is the best choice imo.

    Cant comment on Iceclcok choices as ive never used them but im sure they are good as logictech are well known for good products
  3. @ iceclock, I like my F310, just like the F510, but no vibrations and its cheaper
  4. cheers :D, good indeed me say g00d :)
  5. I use the 360 wireless with adaptor. I love it, mainly because I game 50% of the time on the 360 and the other half on my PC, so it keeps the feel of the controller no matter where i'm at. Plus, the reciever can link to any 360 controller so, if you've got any extra 360 controllers, you'll always have a spare if it breaks. I like logitech's stuff but opted for the 360 controller to maintain feel between the 2 systems. I say go somewhere that lets you handle the controller and see how it feels. Everybody hasd a different preference for feel. That's the most important factor followed closely by ratings and reviews.
  6. I would say the 360 gamepad as well, although I have a PS3 so I use my Dual Shock. But it's a pain in the ass because you need to do some trickery to get it to work, as Sony doesn't have any official drivers/support
  7. I recommend between the XBox 360 Wireless PC + USB receiver and the Logitech F710, and possibly the Razer Onza. There are Pros and Cons.

    Somebody's review: http://compactiongames.about.com/od/hardware/tp/gamepads.htm

    My Pros and Cons:

    XBox 360 wireless PC:
    - Works very nicely.
    - USB receiver supports up to FOUR controllers.

    The standalone PC USB receiver is no longer being manufactured. Stock is almost gone. After that you have to buy something from CHINA or purchase the entire Controller + USB receiver kit.

    The Microsoft USB receiver is known to have high failure rates, especially with an internal, non-replaceable fuse. So it's unreliable AND they're dropping it?

    Logitech F710:
    - Arguably superior construction of buttons.
    - Supports default XBox profiles OR games that the XBox 360 controller does not support such as Mass Effect. There's a list at the Logitech site; I assume it's also custom programmable in the software as well.
    - Batteries appear to last much longer.

    - Front L-R sticks are much stiffer than XBox 360 (have to use for at least a month to see if they loosen up and/or you get used to it).
    - Wireless receiver can have issues with other 2.4GHz, local transmitters (wi-fi or phones). However, it appears you can EASILY use the extender to change the location to avoid these dead zones.
    - I assume that only ONE controller is supported with the receiver. Not a huge deal unless you have few USB slots.

    Razer Onza:
    I haven't investigate this, however it IS compatible with BOTH the XBox 360 and the PC. There is currently NO WIRELESS version, however it is suggested that there WILL be if this version sells well.

    If considering this product, read also the FAQ link for each version.

    - I prefer the Logitech F710 overall, although it's close.

    - Price comparison:
    The Logitech F710 is cheaper than the XBox 360 controller + USB receiver. However, I believe additional 360 controllers without the USB receiver are cheaper. I'm also in Canada and the United States tends to have better price choices. If I got TWO F710's here it would be $120. If I got a 360 (+ USB) and normal 360 wireless controller that would be about $125. Price should not be an issue even with only one controller.

    - Headphone/microphone/qwerty thumb-pad controllers? Investigate this if an issue for you.

    - OWN an XBox 360 already?
    May wish to investigate compatibility. I think the XBox 360 controllers are all exactly the same as the normal XBox controllers. I don't have any idea if the Logitech F710 works in an XBox. I suspect not.

    - Batteries/recharging:
    There are battery packs for the 360. In fact, to get the new XBox 360 controller with new D-Pad you need the specialty pack with recharger (WARNING: it does not have the normal RGBY button color).

    It's best to have 2AA rechargeable batteries per controller PLUS two spares to switch quickly. Look for sales. Eneloop batteries are very good. NEVER buy the one-hour quick charge recharger as it will wear out batteries much faster over time.

    NCIX sometimes has sales. I'm happy with my Duracell 2400mAh AA's. Try to research the recharger a little bit.

    This is a high quality kit. It's worth considering if you have a lot of batteries. It can also charge four completely different AA or AAA batties (i.e. 1AA and 3AAA all different brands). http://www.paulsfinest.com/Maha-PowerEx-C9000-WizardOne-charger-8x2400mAh-AA-Maha-Imedion-Ultra-Low-Discharge-NiMH-Batteries.html
  8. I know the op asked about controllers, but depending upon the type of games you favour have you considered sticking with a mouse and keyboard?

    for FPS games controllers seem to be a pretty poor option, as i spend an unhealth amount of time on first person games (MW2/oblivion/fallout/black ops) I invested in a Belkin N52 control pad and a coolermaster gaming mouse.

    that was a massive improvement over a stock mouse and keyboard, and as the belkin is less than a quarter the size of a keyboard i can use it on my lap on the odd occasion when I have the pc hooked up to the projector in the living room
  9. I use both a CONTROLLER and Keyboard/Mouse.

    Some games play much better on one or the other. Racing games are much better on a CONTROLLER (almost unplayable with keyboard).

    There are a few games that play almost the same, actually a little better with mouse/keyboard but I like to use the CONTROLLER to sit back in my chair and relax.

    Other games that I use the CONTROLLER for:
    - Fallout 3
    - Batman AA
    - Lego Batman and Harry Potter 1-4
    - Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions
    - Tomb Raider Underworld
    - Bioshock
    - Dirt 2
    - Street Fighter IV
    - Super Meat Boy

    Most of my games play best with Keyboard/Mouse. Some supported titles like "Dead Space" supported the XBox 360 Controller but it was impossible for me to play it, I simply couldn't move quick enough. I have no idea how people with XBox's and Playstations play some of these games!
  10. I bought a wired XBox 360 controller about 2 months ago, and love it. It will work with PC and the console itself. So I can switch it all the time. I might play a game on PC with that controller, and when some people come over to play XBox 360, I will just bring that controller so we can do 2v2 for some games. I bought a black one from Wal-Mart for 40 bucks, which not that bad considering I can use it with PC and 360.

    Plus, I like just getting used to one controller.
  11. I should take this opportunity to correct my previous comment.

    MotionJoy has now got official Microsoft Signed drivers for PS3 controllers. So if you own a PS3, you can now simply plug and play if you have their software installed. Everything works great.
  12. a mouse and keyboard !!! (or xbox 360 controller) but the game controllers dont work on all games.
  13. as a preference all my controllers are wired it does mean your controler as a whole is more responsive as your cutting out all the wireless crap.
    currently i have 3 hand held controllers i use regularly. the logitech dual action a ps2/3 type controller, a 360 controler and a logitech extreme 3d pro joystick...

    the logitech pad i find better for racing games(dirt 2/3). the 360 for rpg action adventure type games (witcher 2/mass effect 2) and the logitech extreme i use on anything that needs flight sim controls (bfbc2, apache air assault, arma II)

    i know its a little indulgent and expensive, when most of the time you can get away with 1, but its an immersion thing with me. i learned to play the GT series on the ps2 so i became used to that controller for that kind of game...

    the 360s off axis sticks seem to enable me to switch out things easier when i need to cycle through spells or weapons and really is just a preference.

    but the stick is a necessity you can set it up so it does everything you want it to do but with only 1 hand on it. leaving you free to hit key combos and the mouse if needs be...

    so after you pick your weapon of choice think about getting a stick as it really will change the feel of some games.
  14. IMO, if you own a PS3, use your PS3 controller. Grab a mini USB to USB connector, wire it, install MotionInJoy (DS3 Tool), emulate it as an XBOX 360 controller. You can have vibration in all of your games that are compatible (ie. DiRT 3), and if you have DualShock 3, you can modify the settings and use the tilt control, like to change gears if you tilt it forward, etc. IMO, it is the best option out today and I paid $0.00 (except when I bought my PS3 of course >.>) to have a very high quality controller.
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