VCACHE(01) Error

When I try to install win98SE or win ME I keep getting an error message that says:
VCACHE(01)+00001149 Error: OE:0028:C004E7E5 or I would get this other one:
VCACHE(01)+000014E1 Error: OE:0028:C004EB7D

My system consists of:
Processor: AMD Athlon: K7 1Ghz
Chipset: VIA Apollo KX133 PCI Chipset
Memory: 256MB 32x64 PC133 Non-Parity Unbuffered 3.3V SDRAM (ZEUS Componets)
Motherboard: ABIT: KA7-100 Ultra DMA 100, VIA KX133 (Slot A)
Cooling Fan: Thermal Take Golden Ord Cooler for (Slot A) AMD K7 Athlon 1GHz CPU
Hard Drive: Maxtor 30.7GB Ultra ATA-100 7200 RPM
Video Card: Diamond Viper II, 32 meg, AGP
Operating System: Windows Millennium Edition 4.90.3000

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Well, the VCache is the actual virtual memory system that windows uses. (It's the thing that writes from RAM to your hard drive and so on.) So, you've got to think that your problem is in one of three places:
    1. Your hard drive: could be damaged (it probably isn't), or your HDD controllers might not be working well with the software (this is where I'd look first, especially if your running at ATA100)
    2. Your RAM: RAM is a bitch to diagnose. Try another stick. if you're overclocking your BUS, turn it down and give it a try. Try another stick.
    3. The software: It could be that WinME just isn't liking your configuration. If you can, try using the same set up only with a different hard drive, or different RAM, different MB, or just different Bios settings. See if you can localize the problem to a single component.

    Also, I haven't used ME, but there may be certain conflicts/incompatibilities with other hardware such as newer bridges, controllers, etc. Check with Microsoft I guess.
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