how to identify a motherboard?

How can you identify the manufacturer and model number of a motherboard. I am trying to install an os on an old computer and I can't find the right drivers for the sound, graphics and some of the motherboard resources. The graphics and sound card are integrated into the motherboard. It a socket 7, has a 8M SIS 3DPRO AGP graphics, Sound pro CMI 8330 sound card. It has two sdram slots and 2 edo 3 PCI 2ISA with one slot shared.

If anyone has any tips on how to identify motherboards or unkown devices in genral please post them. Also is there any web site devoted to this kind of inquiry?

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  1. almost all computer parts have a FCC id number on it somewhere usually 3 letters followed by just about any combination of letters and numbers, write these down and do a search for fcc id, idont remember the url. if you have the comp running but not stable you could try to run sisoft sandra and check under mainboard info. it does a pretty good job of identifying motherboards and onboard chips
    There are links on this page to motherboard identification charts and utilities.

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  3. From what you just descrobed it sounds like a pc-chips or ampron board any numbers on the board like say 577?

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