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ok, ive been looking thru this forum, and havent found anyhting significantly useful.

The problem, as u can probably guess, is that I can't get my new IBM ATA100 hd to use the promise ata100 controller on the A7V with win2k.

I installed win2k using the ATA66, and then installed the promise driver that came with the mobo, and then switched the driver over to the ATA100 controller. But, it didnt work, the bios detected my hd, but then windoze wouldn't load...saying something like no system available or something...

anyhoo, i need some help... if i need to download drivers or stuff, could ppl please post the url here.

My specs are:

Asus A7V Rev 1.02 using bios 1.004 or something
AMD duron 700
Asus 7100 GeForce 2 MX
SBLive! Value
IBM ATA100 46 gig HD
Pioneer 16x DVD rom
192meg RAM (128 pc133 and 64 pc100)

Windoze 2000 Pro (no SP yet)
Direct X 8
Promise ATA100 Driver that came with mobo

yes, so could some ppl help me...really would like to see this new hd use it's full potential :P


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  1. Win2k will not properly support ATA100 until SP2 is released. It defaults ATA100 HDs to PIO4. Promise has a work-around that fools Win2k into recognizing the drives as SCSI. However with the VIA chipset you need to download the software for your HD and switch the HD itself to UDMA4 (ATA66) instead of UDMA5(ATA100).
  2. so where do i get this software?

    also, when can i expect SP2? damn microsoft, i bet they make me wait months...
  3. If you mean Via's drivers:

    (read instructions carefully)!

    Last I heard, SP2 is scheduled for release in April.
  4. I am currently using multiple ibm hdd's on a off board promise raid controller in my system and another one on the onboard ata-100 controler fine. both come up as ata-100 and seem to work fine. hey your controler isn't flaged under the device manager still is it? also did you dl teh current promise driver off asus's site? i haven't heard anything about ata-100 problems in win2k.

  5. no...the controller is no longer flagged under device manager, cos i instaled the promise driver off'f the A7V cd

    ill check out the via page...but i cant see this working...just have to wait till april...

    --Anyhoo, thx
  6. I'm not using IBM HD's on my system but I have installed Win2K on my new A7V without first connecting it to the ATA66 interface. I have simply installed the driver when the installation program asks for "other SCSI/RAID" stuff (the thing with the F5 button).

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  7. maybe you have to change the order of the boot sequence in bios

  8. Please refer to the following page for information on how to correct this problem. Microsoft is not waiting for service pack 2, they already have a workaround.


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