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Will 4870 1gb play crysis?

will 4870 1gb play crysis? thanks
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    yeah it will play it on medium settings with reasonable resolution, but if you want playable frame rates you are not going to be able to max out every detail of the game, but the game will def be playable for sure
  2. depending on what your monitors resolution is and what the rest of your systems specs are this is the frames per second you can expect to get with that card granted that it is not bottlenecked by your cpu...

    if you want to list your full system specs I will tell you what to expect and if the card is a good choice for you or not...

    anyways heres the link:
  3. cool thanks i appreciate it. i know if it plays crysis then it will play most games so thats def cool
  4. yeah for sure most games will be playable up to 1080p with med-high settings...but for some games such as BFBC2, crysis, Metro 2033, and games of this nature you will definatley have to scale things back, but in the end the 4870 is a great value if you can find one for cheap on ebay and is generally on par with a 5770 of todays standards just to let you know, what is your monitors resolution at least?
  5. heres my setup:

    gigabyte p55-ud3
    4gb 1333 corsair dominator
    ocz vertex ssd 60gb
    sapphire radeon 4870 1gb
    650 watt ultra psu

    monitor is an LG flatron 1080p 22inch

    case: haf-x

    thanks alot
  6. nice well your cpu shouldn't be holding your 4870 back at all and you have ample ram, what is the make and model of your psu, that is the only thing that looks a bit suspect to me but likely it will be fine, just to make sure tell me the make and model of it.
  7. Ultra LSP650 650-Watt Power Supply - ATX, SATA-Ready, SLI-Ready, 135mm Fan
  8. yeah it looks good to me and its 80+ certified which is nice, have fun with the 4870! :)
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  10. thank you i really appreciate it
  11. your welcome, Ive owned 4870s myself and they are a great card for what they are, enjoy
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