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I am using Windows 98 and everytime i double click on an icon on the desktop or select it from the start menu i get an Eplorer error saying there is an invalid page fault in module Kernel32.dll I have tried replacing the file but the error still comes up. How can i fix this?

AthlonXP 2500+ Clocked To 3200+ (2.2Ghz)
Sapphire X800 XT PE 256MB
Asus A7V600 Mobo
Maxtor 120Gig SATA 8MB Cache
1 Gig Crucial Ram (PC3200)
SB Audigy LS
Logitech Z-650 Speakers
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  1. 1. Upgrade to decent os. Hell, warez XP, or d/l linux!
    2. Reinstall that pos :wink:

    Read the friggin FAQ, and use the search button or I'll kick yer face in!
  2. Page faults-blue screens are usually from the Video cards and there driver try a different video card one listed to work with win98 at M$ site for win 98.
  3. 6 months late - W00T! :tongue:

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  4. Format & reinstal OS

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  5. 98 does not like 1g of RAM. This could be posing problems for you. To fix, go to [vcache] section in Windows\system.ini and type the following underneath vcache:

    Then reinstall Windows over itself. This will save all your other installations and setups.

    A big thanks to Crashman for teaching me this stuff a couple of years ago. I've been able to run SE very stable in my own office and for most of my outside customers using his advice. It's a solid OS and networks peer-to-peer like a dream.
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