How to reheat the chips in an xbox 360?

ok hi pplz i was playing sme cod wit my cousin and my 360 froze and made weird noises so i turnded it off panicd and turnded it bk on and bam RRoD couldnt believe it i looked on a website and it said i could reheat the chips or heat them up or smething and i was wondering how should i do i saw on youtube tht u stick 2 q-tips 2 block the fans and w8 and it should work but im not sold on it if anybody coyuld help tht would be great bc i been having a horrible week bc i cnt play xbl :(
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  1. After stripping a couple of 360s I put them in a electric oven after I covered the cpacitor with aluminium foil then baked it for 20min at full power, after the 20min I turned off the oven and let the 360 motherboards cool off gently, after reassembling the 360s have worked fine, so far they've been going strong for a year and a half, plus I fitted a water cooling kit to my nefews one and it really cool and silent.
  2. Look up the user SinCi7yDevil on youtube. He made a tutorial for what I believe is the best way to properly fix any Xbox 360 overheating issues. You will need:

    8 5mm - 12mm machine screws (look for pan head screws or similar)
    16 5mm steel washers
    16 5mm nylon washers
    Thermal Paste (I recommend Arctic Silver 5)
    Thermal Paste Remover (70%+ rubbing alcohol will also work)
    Cotton Swabs
    T8 and T10 screwdrivers

    It's not hard, just a little time consuming (mainly if you choose to remove the thermal paste with alcohol).

    hairystuff said:
    I fitted a water cooling kit to my nefews one and it really cool and silent.

    Can you link me to an Xbox 360 water cooling kit and/or guide you used/would recommend? I want to try this out.
  3. I used a heat gun before

    but most of these heating methods would require you to open up your 360. Skip this if you're uncomfortable openning it

    the qtips thing you mentioned and also the towel trick (if you run across it) let's you heat it up without opening your 360 but they're both UNSAFE so try to avoid them. These methods heats up the whole system, while the other methods (heat gun, oven) would require you to "protect" some parts so only certain parts are fully heated

    IMO you should just find out if you still have a warranty and just send it in. If you no longer have warranty, if it'll cost you $50 or so just pay for it.
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