My Computer wont pass the video test for diablo 2?

I'm running Windows 7 64x ultimate, with i7 2600 3.8ghz, EVGA GTX 460, and 8 gb DDR3,

Every time i Run the video test to play Diablo 2, it comes up with the message, "YOUR COMPUTER CANNOT RUN Diablo2, NO VIDEO MODES FOUND"

all my drivers are up to date on my video card, my motherboard chipsets are all up-to-date, i have the patch's all installed, i've tried compatability mode, administrator modes, ive tried everything and still cannot get it to pass the video test, IVE EVEN CALLED BLIZZARD, NO HELP TOLD ME WHAT I ALREADY KNEW AND HAVE DONE. even tried unistalling it and re-installing it. IM so lost and all i wanna do is PLAY D2 LOD!!!!!
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  1. Have you tried googling for some fixes? If anyone has managed to get it running, I can promise you they will have posted about it somewhere.
  2. The game should be compatable.

    Have you tried installing it as administrator? Also, this may help.

    Yay, got it running, even using the Glide Wrapper.

    What I had to do was:

    Make shortcuts to the desktop for both the main Diablo II executable as
    well as for the Video Test, and in the properties of these, 'Disable
    Desktop composition' (old trick, already needed under Vista).

    Finally, to avoid having it running in a poststamp-sized center-part of
    the my 1920x1200 display, I had to set the Glide Wrapper to use the
    Desktop resolution.

    This info was taken from a post here:
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