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Hello there my mother picked up a copy of Dead Space 2 for the PC for me today (oh yay time to get scaryed shitless : D) anyways i install it with the 2 discs and enter in my EA account and redeem my online pass... i play single player to find it was very laggy so i lowered the settings to lowest but kept my resolution at 1280x720 that seemed to fix my FPS problem until i got to the guy who cuts you out of your straight jacket (SPOILER SORRY, I think) and it seemed like my game started Skipping Frames. so i ignored that problem since it didn't seem to happen to much in gameplay.

But later on you get to this point where theres a Shadow on the wall and it's just a manikin on a table with a flashlight making the shadow, so i turn to the flash like and i realized "why is everything bouncing around?" what i mean is the flashlight was like jumping and jitting in spot and almost knocking itself off the table/shelf thing. and the room just before it i had to kill some enemies and when they died there ragdoll phys just kept jumping around like the flashlight and manikin. could someone please answer why this is happening

Resolution: 1280x720
V-Sync: Off
Graphic settings: Low

AMD Athlon 64 x2 5600+ (Brisbane) OC'd to 3.0ghz
Ati Radeon HD 4350 512mb (Could this be the problem i know it's a bad card)
2Gb Lexar 800mhz DDR2 Ram
160Gb Harddrive
500Watt Thermaltake PSU
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  1. This seems like a problem with the texture loading. No need to panic, can you restart from your checkpoint or something ? I don't have Dead Space 2 , I only have the first version. Dead Space 1, seemed to have almost a same problem. The dead bodies, just kept on jittering no matter what. I suggest you just load back from your save games.
  2. I will try both suggestions and will report back
  3. Okay so i turned V-sync on as much as i hate it, and reloaded my save i backtracked to where the flashlight was on the table and the manikin and well they were both on the ground not moving or jittering. so i was like cool i went back and saw a body on the ground and used telekinesis and picked it up and through it at the wall it fell down and then it kept jittering a bit, not as bad as the flashlight and manikin though...

    I Was running Fraps and my FPS Was:

    So i don't think it is really an FPS problem? (thats with Vsync on and lowest settings at 1280x720)
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    Im sorry to inform you that you have a slow piece of crap video card that should not be used to play games even at 800x600 res. Buy at least a gts450 or HD 5750. If your really short on cash even a 5570 or gt240 would be significantly better than what you have and should play the game ok at that resolution with medium detail.
  5. Lol oh i know, don't worry i'm getting a GTS 250 and as far as i know it can play Crysis 1 Maxed out at 1280x1024 (no AA/2x AA) and Crysis 2 Aswell (youtube video)
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