How TF do u flash a AMI bios Properly?? AMI SUCKS!

American Megatrends bios's SUCK ****

Ive always stuck with award and for once i didnt check and my damn socket a board came with AMI, i assumed it didnt as my old gigabyte i had with my k5 was award anyhow..
I downloaded a new bios for my board and i wanted to flash it, well it said in dos Usage: Flashblabla romfile /command
well i know what im doing and it did not work at all so.. i went back to and... they have this @bios windows flash utility, for gigabyte board so i used it
it said it worked but reboot and ( BAD CMOS Checksum )
i onyl got booted by going f1 getting into cmos and loading bios defaults, long story short i flashed back to the old one using the windows thing again same message, so..
i downloaded another bios one newer then m orignal but older then the first one and.. that came with some other flash utility it was dos based but in a Dos window environemtn and i flashed it... said PASSED but.. SAME MESSAGE!!
What does this mean
BAD CMOS checksum???
I mean i rebooted tons and it showed up once more but 7x + and i havent seen it since but..
what do i do??
My computer is running really good right now but
i mean i hate american megatrends
i regret buying it,
it made my list
Never buy:
Cyrix processors
Acer Cd roms
Maxtor hard Drives
and AMI bio's

Can anyone help me who has flashed a AMI bios.?
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  1. Having just flashed my bios maybe I can be of help.
    Always flash from dos not a command window.
    Down in this list of command line parameters you will see a switch to turn off the bios cheksum verification. If I remember correctly as I cant find the info right now the checksum is only needed if you have parity checking memory. I have only seen one board that had it.
    You mentioned that the flash said it worked. After a flash it needs to goto the bios defaults to be sure the computer will start. This is the new bios defaults not the old bios defaults so you are still ok. Once inside the bios find the section for memory parity check. If its on turn it off and vice versa. This should clear up your problems.
    Try or for more info. I hope this will help a little.

    AMI flash EPROM Programming Utility v8.27.07 Command Line Syntax:
    AMIFLASH File Name /switch
    File Name : New BIOS Name For Flash Programming
    - B
    S File Name Help
    Enable Boot Block Programming
    Disable Boot Block Programming
    To save Flash ROM data into file and quit

    AMI Flash EPROM Programming Utility v8.26.14 Command Line Syntax:
    AMIFLASH [File Name] [/switch 1 [/switch 2...]]
    File Name : New BIOS Name For Flash Programming
    /? | /H Show Help Messages
    It's a good place to start using this utility!
    /A[+] /A Auto detecting and Programming flash ROM under Command line
    /A+ Auto detecting and Programming flash ROM under User interface
    /-B To force Boot Block Programming
    Disable to programm Boot Block
    /-C Load CMOS default values from input BIOS ROM file
    Do not load CMOS default
    /-D Clear passwords during loading CMOS defaults
    Do not clear password
    /-E Clear CMOS after programming done
    Do not clear CMOS after programming done
    /-G GPNV data area reserving
    Disable GPNV data area reserving
    /-I Identification BIOS file is right for this system or not
    Do not check file for suite for system
    /-L Disable USB when programming and ReBoot
    Do not change USB status
    /-N To force NVRAM programming
    Disable to program NVRAM
    /-P To make item visible
    To make item invisible
    /-Q Update BIOS without any message
    All message apears during BIOS updating
    /-R Force reboot after programming done
    Do not reboot
    /S[file] To save Flash ROM data into file AND quit
    /T[nnn] Retry if programming fails. The nnn can be 0 - 65535. This function is only for command line mode
    /U[file] To update utility's modules data
    /-V Verify BIOS checksum
    Disable BIOS checksum verifying
    /-X Enter utility's user interface without system checking
    To check system and flash part

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