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Hey all, I have a little dilemma here. I am running 32bit vista home basic and i have a 64bit w7 ultimate disc i want to use on the computer but i cant go from 32 bit to 64 according to microsoft. Would it be possible to move all my school files and what not to my second drive which just contains games and stuff and dd that to the computer if i clean install w7 over vista? I have a feeling that trying to move a vista 32bit formatted drive to a W7 64 bit computer will give me problems and i'll have to reformat it. basically move the files to my 2nd drive, unplug it and install W7 over vista and then replug in the already formatted drive, otherwise i'll have to find an external drive. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated haha :kaola:
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  1. To save your files and settings from Vista use the W7 Easy Transfer Wizard and select the second drive or partition as the destination.

    To use the W7 Easy Transfer Wizard insert your Win 7 disk:
    Browse to the DVD drive on your computer and click migsetup.exe in the Support\Migwiz directory.

    When you finish installing and updating Win 7 run the Easy Transfer Wizard to restore your files and settings.
    You will need to reinstall all your programs, but the ETW will even show you which programs you had installed.
    No need to mess around moving Vista W7 will put it all in one directory called Windows.old which you can delete after all is well.
  2. so what your saying is I can keep all of my save games saved and my files saved while doing a clean install over vista? this sounds too good to be true haha
  3. You can keep everything provided you make proper backups. You will have to re-install your applications though.
  4. this might be a late question but about the windows.old folder, i did an install over vista witht eh 64bit W7 and in the .old folder i have the old programs folder and old windows folder. is it safe to delete both without fear of windows not working properly?
  5. You can safely delete the Windows.old folder and it's contents if you have all your data files saved, it will not effect the new intalation.
  6. thanks!
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