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i would like to know if anybody here knows and can tell me how to change irq's in windows 2000. i find quite a few number of devices linked to irq 9 with a few others empty. i think this can be the cause of my problems so post anything useful. thanks.
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  1. Don't tell me you have stability problems... I have spent the last 3 months and it's like walking in a desert...
    It seems that nobody out there has never thought about running Win2k with the A7V...

    The problem you are exressing is that ACPI compliant computers allow the OS to run almost all hardware under one IRQ (in our case IRQ 9). So you may end up thinking that all your crashes and freezes come from this... It is a possibility, but it can also come from other reasons such as :
    -shitty drivers from extension cards manufacturers especialy under win2k (my sb Live 5.1 is NOT officialy supported by Creative under win2k, and I have a huge doubt about their driver's stability)
    -a bunch of problematic A7V out on the market (this is my personal opinion after having browsed newsgroups for the last 3 months)... Freezes are VERY common with LOTS of people out there. While others claim to have "rock solid" set-ups.

    So to address your question removing ACPI support from Win2K is quite easy. Please take note that my system is in French so maybe you won't exactly have the same names on yours...

    All you have to do is to access the "Resources Manager" from Config Panel / System / Hardware.

    You should have an entry stating "Computer" and them when opening it "ACPI complient computer". You can then update the driver of this entry like with any other hardware. Select "Display all drivers" on the next window. You then have a list of all types of Win2K supported computers, including Multiproc PC and YES !! STANDARD PC !!
    You can select this one, but keep in mind that on the next boot up, everything will be redetected on your system !!
    So you may end-up having to look after drivers, floppies...
    It is a good thing to have everything ready before changing the computer type...

    Please also note that this has not solved my stability problems (DVD playback freezing). It is also VERY surprising NOT to find a BIOS support to disable ACPI functionality.

    I personaly will soon change my motherboard for an ABIT KT7A... I will also bill ASUS for my 3 months work trying to run a stable PC... And I am expensive ;-)

    Good luck

    Hilarion Lefuneste
  2. well I've tryed it all with this same basic configuration and am here to tell you its not the irq dogpile (which is related to ACPI and can be eliminated by installing 2000 as "standard pc", which is probably best for A7V because the A-holes at microsoftz hate supporting ACPI profiles in non-intel platforms).

    after a mind-numbing amount of trying everything the only way I can get my machine running stable is to run my bios setting at NORMAL rather than OPTIMAL (agp2X vs. agp4X).

    this leads me to believe the issue is related to AGP drive strength and some obscur crap with Via AGP. HOWEVER not everyone experiences this with A7V & 2000 like Lefuneste pointed out. anyone have any ideas?

    Later, Jim

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  3. Hehe I just caught that last bit from Lefuneste about swapping out boards, thats where I'm at also. anyone for an MSI K7 Turbo? :)

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