Anybody try the MSI K7T MAster Motherboard?

Does any own this board or know anything about it,
I thinking about purchasing one for worksation/game machine
ant help would greatly be apprecited.

-John Ginnings
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  1. Me too, it was this board or the A7M266, and I have been hearing nothing but bad about Asus lately so what stats you all getting with the K7 Master?

    Someday I will stop asking all the questions!
  2. I read the Anandtech review and they gave it a thumbsup
    I'm not looking to overclock this just a straight
    workhorse for fun/buisness.
    I've got a Quantum U160 sitting around not being used
    and I wanted to go ahead and try a U160 setup
    since I've gotten into SCSI alot and like it since there
    is no need for drivers to control my drivers.
    Plus U160 is going to be the top standard for fastest
    disk transfer I predict for atleast the next 2yrs.
  3. We haven't tested the K7T Master (as it only supports ATA-66 and PC133), but we have tested the K7Master-S. This board is excellent and much more stable than the it's DDR counterpart from Asus, the A7M266. For more information, you can read my reply to the post, "Researching for new motherboard" on the first page of this forum.

    Steve Benoit

    Stable Technologies
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