Abit SAR6R - With or Without 815EP Chip?

The ABIT website indicates that the SA6R motherboard is based on the Intel 815EP Chip. However, everyone who is selling it says it has the 815E chip. I called ABIT and they said they are selling it with the 815EP chip but would not give me a dealer that had this with the 815EP chip. I called a few times and each time the ABIT salesman seemed very confused, so I'm wondering if anyone has any specific information whether this mobo has an 815EP chip and, if so, WHERE can I get it?

Also, I'm wondering if anyone knows if motherboards based on the 815E chip can disable COMPLETELY any integrated audio and video (releasing any interrupts taken, etc).

Finally, does anyone have any experience with the Highpoint 370 IDE controller that is integrated in this board?


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