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Starcraft 2 and civ 5

does anyone know if a sapphire radeon 4870 will play starcraft 2 and civ 5 at max settings? i want them to run as good as possible and thats my card thanks!
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  1. It won't, but it also depends on your cpu and resolution.
  2. i have a i7-870 with 4gb corsair dominator ram, and im not doing full 1080
  3. The processor will be more then enough, but you will still get lag in Starcraft 2 when there's large combat. Just the same, Civlization V may lag once you are near the end of the game (or met up with other AI players.)
    You'll get good framerate on high though.
  4. ok so as long as i dont go to the highest settings i shoudnt see any lag?
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    Well, try it out. I never used a 4870, I'm basing off of my 5770 and Athlon which perform less then your setup.
    With Civilization V, my CPU gets throttled after playing an hour. Your cpu should be better off for this, the same for Starcraft II but only in large fights like 4vs4 or higher where you may experiance lag with units attacking.
  6. I have one and I can max both out at 1920x1080.
  7. Yes, or at least almost yes. Just don't crank the AA up.
  8. Dalta, the lag in SC2 is more often a network bottleneck.
    For example: Bunker Wars lags a lot even if I have over 50FPS.
    A lot of people playing SC2 have dial-up! :lol:
  9. benski said:
    Yes, or at least almost yes. Just don't crank the AA up.

    SC2 doesn't support AA.
    Not natively.
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