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If I where to install a software programe &/or updates , and was told to restart the PC befor changes will take effect , but instead installed more software &/or updates on top , is thier a chance that the PC will restart with conflicts?

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  1. It's too late. You're doomed. Grab a few beers. Re-format time!

    Nah, jk. I've done that many times with no ill effect, although there may be somebody that speaks up here that has. What SW/updates?

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  2. i agree with orange and blue;

    ive done thismultiple times as well and never had problems.

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  3. yha, i didnt see any hangups ether, but was wondering if it would cause any conflicts in the program that i did not restart on. &/or the programs/updates i installed afterwords???

    thank for the reply:>
  4. See first (and probably second) response.

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  5. I always grab every update I can for everything before rebooting. I'm still in the mind set of my older machines that took for ever to reboot. It isn't that big of a deal now that my machine can reboot in under 30seconds but I still do it :)

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