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hey can any one tell me of a safe online rpg game???? like dungeons and dragons heros......where u can battle other people.....roam about and actually see trees n fight wild animals/monsters........a game that is preferably free. thanks
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  1. How about Lord Of the Rings Online? It's recently become free to play. Some content is paid, but it's not essential to pay any money to play the game.
  2. I have to say that Guild Wars has to be one of the best games that doesn't have a subscription. The disks are extremely cheap at walmart. There is 4 games with just about endless content. It has solid PvP(player vs. player) and good missions and dungeons. It can be hard to pick up but if you get in a good guild they will help you learn everything. Total you can most likely buy all 4 games (Guild wars, Factions, Night fall, Eye Of The North) Here they are at walmart all 4 for 40 bucks and countless hours of gameplay hope this helps.
  3. hey, any one plays shaiya? i recently found it......
  4. Try Lord of the rings online. Of you could try Venom Strike, its an old game where you make a person and fight dragons. Along the way in the game you meet a dragon named Sorrow. She helps you and you become her bond. Fly like a bird is a game where you play as a bird. You can try that... its kinda boring. Those games are online and free to play. But if you want to play as a hero dragon, play The I Of The Dragon. You play as a dragon hero who fights monsters and humans, make towns and destroy monster lairs. You have to pay $15 for it, you can buy it on Amazon or their website.

    Those are all the rpg online or games to pay for I know, hope it helps.

    Now I feel like adding a bouncy. :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
  5. i was lookin for a good adventurous one, with a bit of hack n slash. well thanks ne ways
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