message lost!.

well i was in outlook downloading an email,
when it dissconnected on me, i reconnected, no mail!
i went onto the web site of my isp, no mail,

so i lost my email, now i want it back!! so how?


p3 866@ 140fsb 910mhz,
win98se updated from microsoft's site,
56k, rockwell hcf modem spekaer phone,
512 pc133 ram, @ 140,
3com 3c905-tx network card,
asus cusl2-c mobo,

i called the people at my isp and they couldnt help me,

all setting's are correct,

i just want this email that didnt finnih downloading back.
witch is not on the site of my isp.

any help would be nice. :smile:

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  1. I think you're SOL

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  2. look for it in your temp dir it may have been orphaned there also do a scandisk or chkdsk and then open any *chk files generated with woredpad or similar and see if it is there

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  3. yup your SOL it happend to me once.

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  4. try your idear, didnt help,

    oh well ill have to beg her to send me another message,
    too bad tho, im changing isp, coz of what happind.

    Hmmm new sig idear, i change isp so much spam mail dont know where to find me. :smile:

    best bet, if your getting dissconnected alot, dont check your mail!!! (even if you got a cute girl emailing you)

    <font color=red>name:magic birthday:6/11/84 death:24/12/06 </font color=red>
  5. better yet, just use a web based email client - like yahoo or hotmail. This way if you change ISP's you don't have to change email address, plus I've never lost a message.

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
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