Keyboard and mouse dont work windows 7

Hello, today my keyboard and mouse, as well as everything else that comes from a USB port stopped working. This means I can't log in to Windows 7. They also don't work in Safe Mode and PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse don't work either.

What do I do to fix this?
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  1. You can try this:

    Remove ALL usb and PS2 connectors from your computer. Yes, you now have no mouse and keyboard. Boot up. When finished going as far as it will, power down. Re-attach only the keyboard and mouse and try again. If that works, re-install any other USB devices one at a time.

    If it doesn't work, tell us what your configuration is, and mention anything you've done to the PC lately . . . changes, cleaning, opened the case, etc.
  2. I did that, however the keyboard and mouse didn't work, as well all other devices on USB ports. The only change I have made to my computer recently is an iPhone's USB driver wasn't working so I had to uninstall it and reinstall it. I have been having a lot of USB related problems lately due to my PSU not having enough power for all the devices. Strangely enough, my keyboard and mouse work on the Windows Repair Disc and in the BIOS, so I deem it must be a problem with Windows 7. It is not my keyboard and mouse, which are a Razer Lycosa and a Razer DeathAdder, because all USB devices cease to work upon entering Windows login.
  3. Your PSU has nothing to do with sufficient or insufficient power to USB devices. Each USB port has a limit, and the hub which powers the port has a limit in total. My guess is you exceeded it, and thta's why certain devices didn't work in the past.

    However, with the new info you provided (USB mouse and KB work in BIOS and safe mode) its clearly not a USB hub lock-up.

    So, try working your way through this:
  4. Keyboard and Mouse don't work in Safe Mode :S Which means I can't really do anything on that troubleshooting list.
  5. Sorry. Did you do a Windows Repair?
  6. I tried, but it said it detected no problems, so it didn't really help. I would really like to avoid reinstalling Windows completely, but at the moment I don't really see what options I have. a System Restore did not work either.
  7. Sorry, I don't see any other options either.
  8. Do you have any idea why this might just seemingly randomly happen? I made no significant changes to my computer or it's configuration and this problem has popped up out of nowhere. If I reinstall Windows, I want to avoid incurring this again.
  9. If you can RDP (Remote Desktop) into the PC you might be able to uninstall your USB Ports and HID Devices then reboot the PC for a autoinstall of the drivers.
  10. I can't even get past the login screen :(
  11. bampity
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