Does OS affect PC gaming performance?

Is anything better or worse?
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  1. It does matter.
    Really it all comes down to what you prefer and what games you play.

    Win 7 might be best for the games coming out today.
  2. werner123 said:
    Depends on the games you play,older games will run better on win xp an newer ones better on win 7 presumably

    Not necessarily true. I had older pre-XP games that would not run in XP with any kind of reliability that I have been able to run in 64 bit 7 from jump.

    However there can be many other reasons for this. Updated drivers being a main one I think.
  3. RR-Dan said:
    Is anything better or worse?

    it depends, like werner123 said newer games will run on better on win 7, older games will run better on xp. another thing is ram, xp needs 1gb at least win 7 needs 2gb for 32-bit. they offer there own demands for hardware. but do remember that windows 7 does have a compatibility option for games and apps to run in win 98 and up.
  4. Win 7 is alot more resource heavy E.G game requirements you will always see on games that win7 is on avrg 256-512mb higher sme games even say 1Gb more than XP but win7 also utilizes DirectX 10-11 and most of the new graphics cards are optimised for DirectX 10+ and will actually push out less on XP...
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